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Opera recording in a church - interesting job

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7 years 9 months
I thought I'd share a little job I'm doing. Female opera singer needed some tracks recording for promotion. Hungarian singer, living in the UK with her pianist in Boston USA. A track recorded on an iPad in the US that works the wrong way around. For those not having bumped into classical recording, the singers work hard with their pianist, putting in tempo changes, small pauses and in this kind of music, the actual singing gets broken up with the pianist linking the verses together.

How to record a brassband in a church

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2 years
I would like to record a local brassband in our village church . This building has some challenging acoustics .( reverb) What would be the best approach? Condenser mics, dynamic mics, ORTF, MS etc...I'm by far not an experienced soundguy but for me this is just a hobby.
The mics I have are:
1x Shure beta 52A
7x Shure SM57
6x Electro-Voice 320

Church Organ Recording

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7 years 9 months
Over the years I have recorded quite a few pipe organs in different venues, some more successful than others - but yesterday doing some prep work for a project in the summer, I came across a really knowledgeable organist - who is also an old school recordist, 78 restorer and collector of old and rare BBC broadcasts of organ music from the 1930s.

Which Churches have the best acoustics for choral & classical music recording?

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13 years 11 months
Hi All,

I'm slowly moving in the direction of being ready to record and to this end have started looking into which acoustic environments best support recording the kind of music I'd like to record, i.e. classical music in its many forms.

Advice needed: Recording Two Violas in a Very Wet Church

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6 years 8 months
Hi all,

The next field recording project is recording the 44 Duos for Two Violas by Bela Bartok.

It will take place either in a massive stone, Notre Dame-style cathedral, or it's smaller chapel. Both are VERY WET, acoustically, with a reverb that lasts many seconds.

The mics I have are: an Audio-Technica AT4022 Omni and a RØDE NT-2A (in Figure 8) which I use for M/S, and a matched pair of M-Audio Pulsar IIs, which I plan on either using as spot mics, or some sort of stereo ambience set up (X/Y or ORTF).

I'd like to record the church choir

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7 years 8 months
Hi, Colin here! I have a church choir of about 15 to record. I'd like to add that these guys are good. They've got it down.
I've been home studio recording for a little under ten years. Now, I'd like to record the church choir. This is how I'm going about thus far...(this is where I need good advice) two dynamics and one condenser. Do you think that would be enough? Also FYI I'm most likely going to have a solid laptop and audio interface.
What do you think
Thank You

Head mic for church?

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17 years 3 months
Our minister would like a head mic. We have wireless lavaliers, but he's a pretty active fella' and the lavalier often doesn't work real well for him. We have AT wireless gear. Would like to find a head mic that is fairly discrete (not the infomercial look), is easy on and off, and stays put without tape. The church is small (as is our budget) and he projects well, so sound quality is secondary. Don't need to go cheap as I appreciate good gear, but there is a lot of direct in the room and the speakers help - they aren't the primary sound source.