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Brand new KRK Rokits crackling in playback, Logic Pro X

Hi, I tried googling this, but every answer I'm reading is over my head. Buffer Size is something people advise changing. But for reference, I don't know what a buffer is nor do I know how to find my buffer settings. Someone else said to watch your CPU/HD meter, and I again don't know what those are, nor how to change them.

Strange Crackling Noises

So I recently got a new computer and installed all the same equipment onto this superior computer, however I have been recording issues. I keep running into a strange cracking noise that appears randomly in my audio, its not from any outside sources and I turned off my anti-virus and has not worked. When testing this issue i have to keep recording for around 3-5 minutes until I hear it.

Crackling while adjusting volume!

Hi, I have PreSonus Firepod 8 channel interface plugged into 2 KRK rokit 5 monitors. Every time I turn the volume knob on the interface, my left monitor crackles and stop sounding until I play with the knob long enough so that it's at the perfect spot where I can get clear sound out of it, but it's only temporary until the sound disappears from that monitor again.