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Tube Guitar Amp for Home Practice and Recording


1.Im looking into buying a tube amp for home practice and maybe some recording in my apartment.
Many new amps comes with speaker emulated output for recording purpose.
So when using this output will the amp speaker itself be silenced? (So that i can crank up the volume, for recording purpose, without waking the neighbours)

Best Mic Preamp/Guitar Amp Levels?


Hi, just wondering what difference it makes where and when levels are turned up and down int he recording chain. Is it best to turn a guitar amp up a ton, and then turn the track down in my DAW, or to have the amp lower, and turn the volume up more in the DAW. And for Micing vocals, is it best to turn the microphone preamp way up, and then the track level down in the DAW, or vice versa?

Smoke from guitar amp during recording


my band and I have decided that we're going to record a few of our own songs to have something to put up on youtube, myspace etc. Since we don't have the hardware or cash for a proper studio, we decided to create a poor-mans studio using my digital bass-pedal (which acts as a soundcard when connected to a computer). The idea was to hook it up like this: