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Changing tubes on UA LA-610 - worth it ?

This video shows the process of changing tubes and comparing the before and after sound. I've did the mistake of recording with low gain to get the cleanest sound possible, before and after.. but it seems the sound is very similar but gets different with higher gain settings.. Anyway I hope it will be of interest to you nonetheless !

Let me know what you think !

Fixing UA La-610 Compressor (need schematics with voltage points)

Hi guys,

Like the title says, I got one of my two LA-610 who doesn't compress anymore.. the action faded over a few months.
I tried to change the tubes and even exchanged the opto cell with the other LA-610 and it did no good.

So I guess a cap or a resistor failed.. I'd need some guidance and some precise schematics

Thanks in advance.

Second LA-610, convince otherwise.

Hi there,

I sold a couple of things on eBay and I'll get around 1k available by the end of the month
Many of you know about my setup :
1 Focusrite Liquid saffire 56
1 UA 4-710 (ADAT to the 56)
2 ISA Two (through the 4-710 converters)
1 UA LA-610 mk1 (Through a mytek AD96 converter to the 56)
1 dbx 576 which I want to replace. (to the AD96)

I thought a lot about a second used LA-610 mk1 which fits to my budget.
My idea is to have a pair of LA for either vocals, acoustic guitars, bass or any combinaison of those.

UA la-610 vs. Lachapelle 583 (for tasty rock guitar sound)

hey all picking out a tube pre for my cousin, after ruling out the manley, and drawmer tube offerings, i'm pitting these two against each other in this slow narrowing of tube pre's. this will likely go alongside an api 512c and 550b.

the obvious differences are one is a rackmount psuedo channel strip the other is a 500 series pre.

they both have in/out trannys (un-named in the UA, jensen/cinemag in the 583s)

Universal la-610 mk ll or Universal Audio 6176

Hi guys, So I'm looking into buying a new preamp to go with my RODE K2. I have a Summit 2BA-221 which is ok but not the sound I'm looking for. Anyways my friend swears buy the 6176 even over the Avalon 737. But wanted to know what any of you think about the 6176 or the la-610 and how they are comparable. Does the la-610 have an EQ? Anyways the La-610 is more in my price range but i'm willing to spend more if the 6176 is overall better. Thanks

Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel with DAW...

I'm seriously thinking about purchasing The Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel for my little studio. I record with a macbook, TC electronics Impact twin interface, and Powercore X8 for extra juice.
God willing I will be also purchasing The AKG Perception 820 Tube Studio Condenser Microphone.

Any thought on the Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel?

Really thrilled with the LA-610!

Man, I've been fighting a lot of gremlins in my studio since I stepped it up a notch but today I was actually able to open a Cubase project and start making things work. I finally got a chance to plugin the LA-610 that has been sitting there for a couple of months with little attention. I plugged my $300 Peavey bass into it and started messing with the eq and the compressor. A couple of minutes later I was just thinking to myself, "So that's how they do it!". The eq on that thing sounds soooo sweet.