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Why no audio being played through MOTU 8pre USB even though the meters on Logic and iTunes are blazing.

I recently got a new MOTU 8pre interface. It has been working in spite of having to reconfigure the Optical In and Out everytime I startup. I have no ADATS or anything optical between the 8pre and the USB port on the back of my iMac.
After getting the CueMix FX to function as a stand alone mic and guitar pre without running Logic suddenly no audio is audible through MOTU 8pre USB even though the meters on Logic and iTunes are blazing.
Has anybody been through this and have a solution. Thanks.

Calibrating PPM Meters


I am a newbie to this forum so please bear with me. I am a freelance TV and Radio producer and have worked in BBC radio studios and edit suites for over 20 years, so I have an penchant for the good old fashiond PPM meters. I also do corporate/charity work at home using Premier Pro on an Mac Pro. Premierhas it's own audio meters built in, but when an opportunity came along to pick up a set of PPM's I took it and so have a set of Sifam 74A PPM Meters (see pic below).

Adding a meter to a preamp


or any of our other resident electronics wizards..

I have this ADK AP1 mic preamp that I love, but it lacks metering. There is nothing there to indicate what my input/output levels are.

I'm wondering how easy it would be to attach a meter, even a simple VU, that could help me determine what the input/output signal level is.

Is there a way I could attach a basic meter to this unit via alligator clips, or something that I could easily remove? I don't want to have to get into soldering anything, or connecting this permanently in any way.

Synchronizing VU-Meter & AM|Munition Metering

I would like to synchronize the parameters of both Samplitude (VU) and the AM | Munition, in order to make both have the same measurement on the same real time.

I tried to change the decay time and peak hold (AM), but the graphics do not reflect the same reading of the audio at runtime.

Does anyone have a tip? I use AM|Muniton for remastering CD projects and I would like to have both graphics synchronized... (n)

Thanks in advance.

VU meters explained

No worries, I have searched the forum for answers but didn't see these questions asked.

So a couple years ago, I learned about the whole dbfs vs. dbu vs. VU etc. I also learned about converters being aligned at various places, mostly in the -18 neighborhood, which of course lines up with most plugin interal operating levels etc, because it mostly equates to the age old "line level", 0VU etc.

The thing is, I have learned you have to think about how you use a VU. I use the Klanghelm plugin on my input FX chain, and when mixing.



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