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Free well regarded room mode calculator has mobile edition.

this calculator has a great rep around the www. I find it super useful, and love the way it graphically depicts the hot/cold spots in a given set of dimensions.

I'm not sure if the site itself automatically detects your on a mobile device or not, it seemed to know I was on a tablet, I don't have a computer set up yet so I can't say for sure. Either way, punch in your room dimensions, and take a couple minutes to look at what ya got. It's fun! Lol if your a geek like me.

PreSonus Unveils Studio 192 Mobile Audio Interface/Studio Command Center

PreSonus Unveils Studio 192 Mobile Audio Interface/Studio Command Center

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, January 2016… PreSonus is proud to announce the new PreSonus® Studio 192 Mobile USB 3.0 22 x 26 audio interface and studio command center. Studio 192 Mobile delivers the same high-end audio, low-latency monitoring, tight software integration, and studio command center functionality introduced in PreSonus audio interface but in a smaller form factor suitable for both mobile and studio use.

Mobile application to turn smartphone into wireless microphone

Hello everyone

I am lookin for an app (iOS or Android) that turns any smartphone into a wireless microphone for any kind of event. For example I can talk in my phone and sound is broadcasted in real time to the speakers. I don’t want to buy dozens of mics.

Thank you in advance for your help

PreSonus Audiobox USB vs. Firestudio Mobile? AND USB vs. Firewire for Recording?

Hey guys. I got myself a Firestudio Mobile a couple of years ago but now I'm set to upgrade my computer to something which won't have inputs for Firewire or even the Express card I've been using on my current computer for recording. It will have USB 3.0 inputs. I'm kind of steamed at having to replace my soon to be useless Firestudio Mobile with the basically equivalent Audiobox USB, but it is what it is. It seems to be that Firewire as a medium is getting phased out due to lack of support/interest.

Mobile Live Sound Rig (half rack space unit)

Starting in January, I am going to be going into schools with one other guy and putting on presentations. We need a small, portable system to drag around with us that is easy to set up and strike. We need two inputs for each of our headsets, two more for each of our guitars, one for playing music, and one for miscellaneous. Here is my idea. I want to use a unit like this:
(Dead Link Removed)

Seeking Indie Musicians for Moonshark’s #1 Mobile Music Game – DancePad!

Moonshark is NOW accepting submissions, for a chance to have yourmusic included in our latest mobile music game, DancePad. A featured app byApple (New and Noteworthy, Featured Games, What’s Hot), DancePad is the hottestmobile music game to hit the App Store. Within 2 weeks of launch, DancePad wasdownloaded over 750, 000 times

Need advice for mobile platform that connects fans to content via their recordings

So, I'm involved in a project called LISNR that is part of a program called the Startup Bus. There are ten buses across the nation that compete against each other for startup funding and the ability to pitch their idea at South by Southwest this week. I'm trying to validate the idea that we have with audio engineers and others involved in the business of music. We have developed a platform for recording artists and labels to add exclusive content to their music which can be identified and accessed via a mobile application called LISNR.

Saffire Pro 24/24DSP or Firestudio Mobile?

Hey guys, brand new to the forum. Just wanted to know what your opinions are on the Saffire Pro 24/24DSP and the Firestudio Mobile. Trying to decide which one to buy, but I just can't make the decision on my own. I haven't really heard bad things about either, except for some driver issues with the Firestudio, and a firewire incompatibility issue with the Saffire Pro 24 and the newest iMac firewire ports. I know that both have great preamps , but from what I've read, most people prefer the Saffire's pre's over the Firestudio. How about some help? :tongue:

Advice Needed: Mobile Digital Rec Set-Up (Longtime Musician/Engineering Newb)

Hey everyone! This is my first post and I hope it finds everyone well.

I've been a recording/touring musician for some time and am now looking to build a relatively mobile digital recording set-up for use with Pro Tools 9 HD. My biggest concern is advice on what hardware I should consider in order to record 16 simultaneous mics. I'm sure I won't be using more than 16 with the projects I'm pursuing, but 8 definitely won't cut it.

I need advice on Pre's, Interfaces, basically what it'll take hardware wise. I am pretty well set on microphones.