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M-Audio Profire 2626 v Behringer UMC1820 - Different output frequency profiles?

I had been using a profire 2626 for the past 12 years or so. I switched to the Behringer UMC1820 because it plays a little nicer with Linux.

The Behringer seems to have more low-mids in the output than the Profire 2626 did. It's a little off-putting to my ears. I was very accustomed to the old sound. I'm hesitant to call the Behringer muddy in comparison, but it might be.


1. Is it common for different output devices to have different frequency profiles? It sort of makes sense, but I didn't expect that.

PT10HD & Berhinger ADA8000 Conection Audio Output Issue

I am fairly new to the world of studio audio recording, so need a bit of advice, in my setup I have full HD rig, and have added a Behringerada8000 to the setup for preamp mic's etc for drums and mis, set ada to slave, connected light-pipe cables etc, get audio into ada but not out to any pt session's, checked hardware and io settings and seem to be ok, or am I missing something as getting frustrated trying to get everything setup and working as should, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not enough asio output channel available

a problem may occur during when i install Focusrite scarlett driver but when i open fl studio 20. then one error may appear and i dont know why its appearing like :-
(not enough asio output channel available. at least 2 channels are needed)
i nstalled driver properly but the driver not showing Focusrite in window sounds like playback and recordings and i am using window 8.1 which is fully updated.
plzz help me.

Dushyant Saini

I can't figure out why I am not getting any output in Logic Pro

Hey y'all,

This is my first time posting here and I hope you guys can help me figure this one out.

I'm trying to make some tunes in logic pro but I am not getting any audio response from the tracks I have set from my interface. This is strange for me because I use the same parameters every time I record and haven't had an issue till now.

Digital piano headphone output signal is low and noisy when connected as line

Hi all,
Looking for some help here...

I have a digital piano Yamaha YDP-163 which has 2 headphone jacks as audio outputs. Sadly, no AUX OUT or LINE OUT jacks so only headphones.
When plugging a single pair of headphones to either of the headphone jacks, the audio signal is clean, clear and loud with very good signal to noise ratio.
Now, i wish to be able to record audio from this piano into my PC using RME Fireface 400 inputs.

Samplitude - AUX/Output (Direct)

Hello all! A little question:

When we right click on the AUX slot either in Track Editor or in Object Editor, 3 options appear: AUX/Output (Direct), AUX/Output (Pre) and AUX/Output (Post).

I know and understand very well about 'Pre' and 'Post', but I don't know what mens 'Direct'...

What is this? Where it is located in the plugin chain?

Thanks in advance!

Help with low output signal.

I am trying to setup a youtube channel on the cheap and got a condenser mic and amp. I recorded with multiple programs all registering very low signal strength. How do I increase the signal strength of my recordings? The XLR output goes to my audio jack. I am using Windows 10, InnoGear 1- Channel 48V Phantom Power Supply with 10 Feet XLR Cable and Adapter, Excelvan BM-800 Condenser Studio Recording Microphone, Audacity for recording, and Realtek High Definition Audio driver. Realtek is configured to "line in" with "level" set to 100.

Recording Synth output to Audacity quality issues

Hi All, I was hoping someone could assist with this issue or direct me to a thread that already explains the issue i am having. I am modeling sounds on my Korg MS2000 and the frequencies I am creating are very ear sensitive. When i record them to my PC using Audacity / Soundblaster Audigy 5, I lose the sound details i can hear with the headphones directly on the Korg. Totally ruins my vision of what I'm trying to create. I was reading I may possibly need a DI device to front end the Korg?