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Balancing & Panning FX returns

Hello All,

I am starting to mix a new track i recorded and want some advice on how to mix and handle FX returns and routing.

I was wondering how to pan FX returns like reverb & delay. I read somewhere that in case of reverb, the wet signal should be panned to the same position as the dry signal. Is this true?

Mixing double drums: How would you pan them?

I'm mixing a project with two drummers on most of the songs, much like The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers etc. I've been pondering my panning approach and, though I've kind of got it figured out, it would be useful to hear what others have done or think they would do with two kits before I settle on something.

panNoir Advanced Panning plugin from Merging Technologies

In any recording where more than 1 microphone is used to record a source, PanNoir provides a completely unique solution to the correction of phase that will exist. Able to correct for the difference between stereo close and stereo room mics with an incredibly simple to use interface has completely changed what is possible to achieve in any mix situation.


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