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Balancing & Panning FX returns

Hello All,

I am starting to mix a new track i recorded and want some advice on how to mix and handle FX returns and routing.

I was wondering how to pan FX returns like reverb & delay. I read somewhere that in case of reverb, the wet signal should be panned to the same position as the dry signal. Is this true?

panNoir Advanced Panning plugin from Merging Technologies

In any recording where more than 1 microphone is used to record a source, PanNoir provides a completely unique solution to the correction of phase that will exist. Able to correct for the difference between stereo close and stereo room mics with an incredibly simple to use interface has completely changed what is possible to achieve in any mix situation.

Check panNoir from Merging Technologies
[GALLERY=media, 410]panNoir Advanced Panning plugin from Merging Technologies - YouTube by audiokid posted Jun 5, 2015 at 9:01 PM[/GALLERY]

Panning in 2012.

Recently I've had a sort of revelation when it comes to the spatial placement of sounds. The revelation was chiefly due to a sudden interest in Kind of Blue and other jazz standards. I've realized that good panning is essential to getting clarity in a mix, something which was not apparent to me before. Well-placed tracks with a tight direction do wonders to the overall clarity of a mix.

IOSONO releases ANYMIX – new evolution in surround panning and upmixing…

Hi everyone,

After more than a year of development, we’re happy to release Anymix, a first-of-its-kind VST/RTAS surround mixing plug-in. It’s very easy to use and allows you to create natural surround (up)mixes from mono/stereo up to 8.1 and back in premier quality – perfect for post-production, music, broadcast, game sound. Parameters such as Ambience, Dry/Wet and Stage Width add that “certain something” to your mixes.

Questions about RAP vocals (PANNING, compression, etc..)

Hey, this is my first post so i apologize if i sound like a noob. I'm still pretty new to recording and have cheap equipment but am surprised at how i can get it to sound... SO FAR. I have limited access to a computer so i can only check replies every few days if that. Anyways, onto the quesitons.

2 Track Panning Questions

I've completed work on a batch of home recorded songs and I've mixed them on and off as I've recorded as opposed to doing it all at once from scratch.

I want to get that atmospheric sound to it where it feels like the sound is all around you, so I'm not sure how much I should be panning tracks left and right or how drastically to do it.

Weird panning in Logic Pro(help me)

Hey guys, how u doing?

I`m new to Logic, used samplitude before. Back in that days, when I wanted to pan something, I just turned the wheel left or right, and when it was turned to left, there would be signal coming only from left speaker, no right signal at all visa versa.

Now, in Logic, panning doesn`t seem to work the normal simple way. I was already told about about panning laws, I`ve already changed between the 3, and still I have no isolation when panning hard left or right.