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Critique my digitally produced samples and mixing / mastering

Hi all, It's been quite a while. I've been messing around with a few things and have stayed ITB ...even using all VSTI for drums, guitar, and bass. I picked up the Weiss Complete plugin package, and it has turned around my beliefs on mastering needing to be done all OTB. So far I'm not looking back either.

Linux Compatibility for Sonar 8.5 Producer's

Many moons ago, I won a contest from for a copy of Sonar 8.5 Producer's edition. I have been happily running the software on a Windows 7 desktop.

That machine has gone on to a better place so now I am putting together a new desktop. I am looking into running a Linux system (but may just do a dual OS install for audio).

Mix exercise from Produce like a pro (downloadable tracks)

Ok it asks for a sign in (first name and email) but otherwise it's free !
But for those who want to practice mixing but may not have the recording part perfect yet,
why not download well recording tracks and practice..
Post you mixes here if you want and let's discuss the results

Renowned garage rock producer Owen Penglis' fav mics


We asked renowned Aussie garage rock producer Owen Penglis (also plays in garage rock band Straight Arrows) to talk about his favourite mics, how he uses them and why he can't live without them -

What are your fav mics ever?