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Thinking of switching to Reaper

I'm strongly considering switching to Reaper as my main daw. While I've dabbled with samplitude and do like it, I'm finding there's some things I don't like. It's upgrade price is rather steep and seems to rarely include major updates. It's hybrid audio engine is a bit limited relative to others if I'm understanding their operation correctly.

3 DAWs - 3 sounds? Reaper vs Sonar vs Samplitude

3 DAWs - 3 sounds? Reaper vs Sonar vs Samplitude In this video, I test 3 DAWS by doing the exact same mix of the same song. There was a long debate as if every DAWs sounded the same and I thought it was time to get a true answer.

I also give a link to downloadable multitracks songs.

What do you think of the tests, convincing ?

White Noise/Static while recording in Reaper.

Hey all, this will be my first post on the forum.
I seem to have a problem with static/white noise. even when my mic is muted on my Behringer x2222. My mic is an AKG P420.
The white noise always shows up when I normalize a track, whether I'm recording nothing or my guitar or voice. I'll put up some pictures of my configuration too. Thanks for the help in advance!

What can you do in Pro Tools that you cannot in REAPER?

I've been using Reaper for years, and every now & then people attempt to brag that they use "Pro Tools", but I have yet to hear what is so significant about Pro Tools over a DAW like Reaper.

Reaper is capable of everything that I need and much more that I don't need.
(Now some might wonder what my use of a DAW is, but that is aside from my question ;) )

ZED-10FX --> USB --> Reaper --> Windows 7

So this mixer kicks ass because it's analog, has a ton of headroom, and is warm as a candle. My question is, I've been mixing at unity (master knob at 0) and using the FET transistors for my guitar/bass and vocals (I use an XLR to TS to plug my mic into a compressor pedal and delay pedal and use the FET to overdrive the vocals, it sounds badass)

Please help! Problem with Superior Drummer 2.0 + Reaper

I Have a problem with mixing in SD2.0. In mixer panel, when I set the EQ, filter, the BUS panels, but It's nothing change by the voice.
I see some tutorials on yuotube, I make so the whole thing.
In reaper right click, insert virtual instrument on new track, and select on SD2. In reaper by all track (except the first), I select on record output (stereo).


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