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Recording Upright Bass

Hi gang.
I have a good friend, whom I have played with, both live and in the studio for many years, he's a great bass player, very melodic and tasteful, whom I am calling in to track an upright bass for a song that has an early 1950's sort of Capitol Records vibe ( think Sinatra, Bennet, Cole, etc).
I'm looking for suggestions on mic choices, preamp choices and placement.

Recording bass with M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Hey everbody,

I recently bought a Fast Track Pro USB audio interface thinking that I would be able to get something cool from it by directly plugin my bass, then use Guitar Rig 5 to simulate an amp. It works, but the thing is that sounds like crap ! Am I doin something wrong ? Is there anything that is missing to my setup ? Im runnin on a brand new Macbook Pro with Ableton Live 8.

M-Audio Fast Track Pro Bass Recording

Hi all,

here's my question ; - How can I can get a warm sound recording trough my Fast Track ?

I tought that plugin my bass directly into the audio interface, then moduling the sound with Guitar Rig 5 would be all right, but it sounds like sh*t ! Should I buy a mic to record with my bass amp ? I just don't know what to do !

Recording Bass Guitar - odd tonal disparity

I am setting up to record a bass guitar track and working with the eq. This bass - which admittedly isn't THE greatest bass - has an odd tone thing happening. Any note I play anywhere on the neck has this great punchy clarity to it EXCEPT for any A note - especially open A and the A on the 7th fret of the d-string.

Best usb audio interface for recording ONLY BASS with netbook?

I am planning to buy saffire 6 USB audio interference. I can record bass with a netbook HP mini 110-3500 with that?

Other option can be Roland V-Studio 20 (specifications say it can be use in netbooks!)
Audio Interface, Mic Preamplifier, Small-format Consoles, Channel Strips, EQ & Compressor from Focusrite

having trouble getting tight bass in my recordings

Great! A newbie mastering forum where I won't look so dumb!

I'm having trouble getting tight bass in my recordings. Many of you have heard my the bass floppy on your playback system or is it just my room/speakers? What can I do to manage the bass in my recordings?

Thanks so much!