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recording opera

Opera recording in a church - interesting job

I thought I'd share a little job I'm doing. Female opera singer needed some tracks recording for promotion. Hungarian singer, living in the UK with her pianist in Boston USA. A track recorded on an iPad in the US that works the wrong way around. For those not having bumped into classical recording, the singers work hard with their pianist, putting in tempo changes, small pauses and in this kind of music, the actual singing gets broken up with the pianist linking the verses together.

Recording an Opera demo track

Hi everyone. I'm trying to help out my wife, she's an opera singer. I simply HATE her demo recordings to send to apply for an audition. The Piano is ALWAYS super loud, and she sounds far away. This is a woman who can over power a full orchestra no problem. I've never been at her recordings, but supposedly the little mic has been between her and the piano. That is what it sounds like to me.

I bought the CAD GXL2200, and the blue icicle to try and get a better sound, the other mic was always a portable recorder deal, and we didn't own it.

Recording Studio Operations Research

Hey All,
Brand new to posting on these forums! I'm currently in my senior year at Cal State University, Monterey Bay graduating with a degree in recording technology. I'm diving into studio operations for my senior research paper and am looking collect some empirical research on the topic! If you guys could take a few seconds to take my 9 question survey at this that would be totally awesome. I'm more than willing to share any information that I collect during through out my research.

Webmaster: Can't open page with Opera

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've been on here simply because my browser, Opera, does not work with No matter what ISP I use it keeps sending me either back to my own IP address or the IP address of the router.

It really is a pain to keep having to open Chrome to check out the forum since all of my quick launch links are based in Opera. I know it sounds lazy, but it really deters me.

Is there no way around this?

Please help!

Cheers :)

Recording Female Opera Help

Hello everyone, this is my first time here. I recently put together a little home set up in attempt to record my wife's opera so we could do our own tracks for her applications.

I have a Blue Baby Bottle and PreSonus Audio box with Studio One 2 program

I am very new to recording and am struggling with the distortion of her upper register. Where can I read or learn about the different pieces of recording that I need to know about in order to do her voice justice?

Recording operatic singers

This one seemed not to get posted - hope its not still being moderated - apologies if so.
Hi all

I would like to record a bass singer, there will be a piano. I wanted to record live. I have only 1 microphone currently which is a Audio Tech 33a. I can buy 2 cheap condenser mics to complete the setup, these will all go into my little mixing desk which has 48v PP.

Recording opera vocals in tiny home studio - mic & placement suggestions

I know, you're supposed to record opera singers in acoustically perfect concert halls, but I'm on a budget and all I have is my 8 x 10 home studio which doubles as both a control room and a live room. My goal is to record live vocals over pre-recorded orchestra karaoke tracks to famous soprano arias.

Opera Recording

Just completed a full opera recording (Lucia) for radio broadcast and was reminded about how difficult it is. The following "constraints" were active.

1. Last minute request, speedy planning, rush to theatre after work etc.
2. No mics to be visible anywhere, except maybe at the top of the pit.
3. Singers all over the stage, including quite a bit from the stage rear.

recording baroque opera

I am going to take part in a production of Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas" in a few weeks. I am involved as theorbo player and as I am also doing recordings on a regular basis I was asked to produce a (noncommercial memorial) CD of the event. As I have to play also I want to keep the setup as simple as possible.
My original idea was to use two main microphones for the orchestra and two or three (boundary?) microphones for the stage. How can I work around the phasing problems that might occur with moving singers?


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