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recording software

Recording software question

Im considering getting into some home studio stuff and would like to find a great program to use...the tricky part...I need to be able to use it without internet connection and also would need one with great drum loops. I'm a guitarist and singer/songwriter, so all I need is a drum solution to start tracking songs.
Appreciate your help!

Recording Software With Drums Templates?

Hey everyone.
I was wondering what recording software includes a library with (rock) drum-templates?

I use REAPER, and if there is an alternative to having drum templates on REAPER please allow me to know. I've never liked to actually produce the beats myself by using all those fancy "commands" etc.
To this day I've only recorded percussion/drums through direct audio from my Casio piano.

Thank You in advance

Voice Recording Software for Audioguide

Hello. I'm a software developer, And I am building a prototype application for audioguides.

In this stage we need to have a few guides recorded, they will not be recorded by professionals yet (my sister in law will do it, she has a nice voice and diction), but they must sound well.
So, I have a few bucks to spend on a software, and maybe a mic to record the guides.
I would like to ask if there is a recommended software to do it?

Note: the resultant audio must be in mp3 format and the must be the highly compressed, since it will be streamed.

Recording Software-Vocals

I have a professional grade recording mic, and have tried to use Adobe Audition software. The truth of the matter is I'm just not versed in mixing enough to figure out complex software like that.

I just want to record vocals, (with an accompaniment track) the problem when I use the Adobe Audition is that I end up either overpowering the music, or the music overpowers me. I have a very powerful voice, and when I record high notes it tends to sound muffled and choppy because it's so much louder than the other notes.

Recording software dropping out.

Hi guys. I wasn't really sure on which forum to post this in so I just picked this one. Here's my problem. I am trying to edit a song but my software keeps dropping out. As soon as I hit play its plays for like 2-3 milliseconds. It's horrible. There's no way I can edit a song like this. This happens even when I take all of the plugins off. My CPU is barely using 20%. I use Sonar Home Studio. Any advice would be so cool! Thanks and God bless!