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Webinar this September: Recording Music Using a Multitrack Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

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The subject of our next webinar, on aspects of tape and reel-to-reel recorders, is recording using a multitrack tape recorder. From 4 to 24 tracks tape is back in the studio, so we at Reel Resilience thought we'd better talk about it! More information about the webinar, who we are at Reel Resilience and how to book, can be found here. Love to see you attend.

Tone Empire Plugins released Reelight Pro (Tape Saturation and Compressor)

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The invention of digital audio recordings liberated sound engineers in many ways which were not possible in the analog era. Even with all the tools at one’s fingertips, musicians and engineers sorely missed the sound and sonics of earlier recordings. The magic that the recording mediums imparted by default and one which was taken for granted.

Do any companies still make 2" Reel-to-Reel machines?

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I tried doing a search but nothing came up.
Does anyone even make 2" machines anymore? I remember when PT first came out, we called it "slow tools". One Local studio had a set up for 2-track (prior to that, they mixed to a VCR that had digital stereo audio tracks.) And they went up to the big leagues - first studio in town with a CD burner! Woohoo! I think the guy paid like $50K for it, and CD blanks were like $45 each. I remember 8 or 9 years later I bought a Yamaha 8X burner for $500. It burned a whole 12 CD's before it died. Piece of crap!

8 track reel-to-reel to daw?

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Hi all,

I've just acquired a Fostex 8-track reel-to-reel recorder and an looking to record onto tape and then send the 8 tracks INDIVIDUALLY from the unbalanced rca/phono output to my daw.

Does anyone know the easiest path to do this?

Most of the audio interfaces I've viewed only allow for 2 stereo tracks to be sent or a sum of all 8 channels. I need them to be separate for post editing!

Many thanks for any help.

Reel to Reel into DAW

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Newbie first day here.
I have a 4 track Teac A-3440 I want to use the amp as an FX into my DAW (Studio One 3 Pro.)
My mixer Interface is a PreSonus Studolive 32.4.2 AI
So do I use the 4 outputs of the Teac into 4 inserts into the mixer ?
Or can I just use 1 output and 1 insert using the hardware integration plugin pipeline in Studio One as mono or
OUT 1&2 and IN 1&2 for stereo ?
Stevie B

Reel to Reel recorders

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I have, in the past, transferred both vinyl and cassette tape to digital files and I have a frien who asked if I could have some reel-to-reel tapes put on CDs, they are home recordings of her long deceased father, about a dozen 7 inch reels. Since I don't have and have never used reel-to-reel I sought out a local source to do it for me but they are scarce and they are not repsonsive. Due to the content I'm not willing to ship them anywhere. SO I decided, after some research, that I'd get a reel-to-reel unit and do it myself. I basically have one question.

Sears reel to reel: Model 6249 Changed belts, spring attachment?

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Taking a gamble on anyone who may have this model. Changed the belts, did not pay attention to how the spring attached or what it was for, even have the pict diagram to the parts, but does not show how the spring attaches. You would think

Craig reel-to-reel tape player runs too fast

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I have two, 212 Craig tape recorders that ran normal, until I used a 9v ac adaptor on both of them, & took out a component that makes it run in ff mode only, no play or rewind. The rewind goes to ff.
I checked my universal ac adaptor, & it was actually giveing it 14v 500ma, when the specs called for the ac adaptor to be 9v 100ma, so obviously took out something like a voltage regulator transistor.

Revox A77 loose output ...

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Peace upon you all ! I am new to this forum ; I just bought a 2 tracks revoxA77 and i'm looking for informations online since RCA output CH1 doesn't seem to work, neither when playing a band, nor listening to my source...

both inputs seem to work ( since vumetres are both working )

Headphone output has the same problem : i can only hear one side.