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RME forced to use other chips for the foreseeable future

Global chip crisis with extreme never before encountered production and distribution challenges.

Apart from that, at the end of 2020 a fire destroyed AKM's production facilities for AD and DA converter chips. A resumption of production and thus availability of these components is not expected before 2022. Therefore, many manufacturers - like RME - are forced to either discontinue products based on AKM chips, or to use other chips for the foreseeable future.

Master Wordclock from the RME UFX vs. Mytek AD96 ?

Alright gang,

During break time, I've rewired my studio desk entirely and I'm just wondering about which should be the master wordclock.
I've been said that the Mytek Clock is very good but it kinda date now.
In the past, when my FF800 was my main interface, I made the Mytek the master clock and it was running fine
But with the new UFX, I thought having my main audio interface be the master is a better idea..
Now I'm asking you, am I right or the mitek still surpass the UFX...

From RME Fireface 800 to RME Fireface UFX

Hey gang !

I'm super exited to now own a brand new RME fireface UFX. Yes the one that is discontinued.
I found it at a fair price and since I was still running my Fireface 800 fine, I guessed the UFX would be a nice upgrade (with a the dsp and 2 extra input ports) Being discontinued doesn't worry me a bit because RME has been one of the best to make new drivers or firmwares when ever necessary, even for older units.

I've debated for a long time if I was going for another maker.. but I guess I wasn't ready to let go of Totalmix FX (the realtime mixer)

RME UFX Clock Source Settings

I have a question about clock source settings in the UFX.

At the moment i have setup like this:

UFX ADAT out -> ADI8 ADAT in

Also i have a word clock cable going from the UFX wordclock out -> ADI8 wordclock in

So, on the computer in the Fireface UFX settings in the clock mode section, what do i choose in the clock source drop down menu?

Turn off Auto-Rewind in Digital Performer 7.24

I use Digital Performer 7.24 for the Mac.

When I hit spacebar, the vertical line cursor stops. So I can see where I stopped and start again from that point or insert a marker.

I was looking around DP and changed the setting to automatically rewind the cursor to the beginning. That is convenient sometimes, but when I want to put in markers, I cannot find the place where the marker goes.

How do I cancel the auto-rewind setting? I want the cursor to stop when I hit the space bar.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

PCIe Interface Cards - Lynx vs. RME vs. ?

Hey I'm looking to pull the trigger on some conversion for my living room setup. A couple high quality channels fits the needs, and around 1k is the most I'm looking to put into this one. I'm basically gonna track ideas via an eleven rack, and archive all my old stuff with this setup getting it ready for the new custom computer and 384k+ capable conversion. So it's going to see daily use for about a year while I'm drafting plans for my new place and rallying up all my old files.

Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

Hi friends,

there is a problem:

I own an ADAT HD24 and an RME UFX.

Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously.

After recording I use Pro Tools for mixing all tracks

How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven't timing problems in the postproduction or mixing.

Is the synchronizing via ADAT enough or must I use the Midi Time Code?


RME Fireface 800 vs. UA 4-710 converters

I did a test this morning.. I was wondering how different were the converters in my fireface 800 and my UA 4-710 (going to the RME with ADAT)

The setup : The 4-710 offers 4 preamps with line out and ADAT out.
I play strumming notes on a acoustic guitar, plugged in the Hi-Z input of the 4-710 and recorded both signals (line out and Adat).
I use Fabfilter Pro-Q matching EQ fonctions.



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