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RME Fireface UFX is a USB and FireWire audio interface that gives you 30 input and 30 output channels, digitally controlled preamps, a range of digital IO options, and an onboard word clock.

Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

Hi friends,

there is a problem:

I own an ADAT HD24 and an RME UFX.

Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously.

After recording I use Pro Tools for mixing all tracks

How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven't timing problems in the postproduction or mixing.

Apogee Ensemble or RME Fireface UFX?

Ill be using it with a iMac and Cubase 6.
This will be my main Recording interface, will be used with external preamps for tracking "rock" drums, guitar, vocals, exclusively in my home studio.
I know the feature differences between the two, my question is on the audio quality, does one have better conversion quality or Pres?

Fireface UFX, PT9

Well, I've been putting it off for a long time, but I'm going to upgrade the interface this summer - maybe this week. My basic thought is the RME Fireface UFX. A few extra features that (I think) make it worth the price over the 800. For now, I'll be using it with PT9. I'll be connecting via ADAT to the Focusrite Octopre.

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Fireface UFX Reviews

I wonder how it will compare in conversion quality, if it sounds better and has less latency than the Fireface 800 and if TotalMix will be easier to comprehend?

I don't need anymore low to mid level effects or plugins added to my DAW pool however, maybe its just the thing here and these added effects are a welcoming surprise to an interface!