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rode nt5

Testing Placement of RODE NT5's with the Guzheng (Chinese Zither)

Just starting using a pair of RODE NT5's with directional capsules to record the guzheng. After some experimenting with positions, I've settled on both overhead, one on each side, about 3ft from the instrument. I've added no effects to this recording other than a compressor. What do you think?

Why is RODE NT4 (stereo) priced more than the matched pair of NT5?

The capsules in the RODE NT4 and NT5 have identical specs, and every review I've seen says that the matched pair of NT5s, when mounted for coincident stereo recording sound identical to the NT4.

So why is the NT4 priced 25% more than the NT5 Pair?

I'd like to get a pair for recording on-the-road; the NT4 looks more convenient for Stereo recording, but the separate mics in a pair of NT5s may be more flexible. Is the NT4 a better mic than a pair of NT5s for any technical reason?

Acoustic Sessions: RODE NT5s

Hi guys!

I've just purchased a Tascam US-122 MKII audio interface, two dead cats and a matched pair of RODE NT5s for recording via my laptop, hopefully outdoors. The reason for this is to have good audio for the videos i'll be filming on my canon 550d of various artists, for posting on YouTube, but maybe also, just for readers of my site, also downloads of the tracks.

RODE NT5 vs. Oktave MK-012 for overheads/acoustic guitar

I'm trying to decide between the nt5's and the mk012, mp.

I need something that I can also use on acoustic guitar and overheads, and some day I'll get a better SDC for acoustic guitars etc. But for now I need something that will work well with both.

I heard the nt5's are a bit harsh on the high end, and I don't like a lot of high end on mics but for overheads this might be better than the mk012's. But is that high end too much for acoustic guitar?

In a perfect world I wouldn't have to worry about it but for my budget I do for the time being.

SE3 vs. RODE NT5

Hello all,

I am in the market to purchase a matched pair of condenser microphones. I do not have an incredible budget and have been looking around for mics that suit my needs.

I already own an Audio-Technica AT4040 and an AKG C1000s, which so far have provided me with satisfying results. Recently however I had the opportunity to hire a range of microphones and record my friend's project - a set of automated music machines. There's a video here;


RODE NT5 vs. Audio-Technica AT3031

As subject states. I'm considering either a pair of RODE nt5's or a pair of AT3031's. Here in Vancouver Canada, the prices are as follows for each:

RODE : $495 for a stereo pair

AT's: $199 a piece ($398 pair)

So, the AT's are nearly a hundred bucks cheaper. I've read quite a few online reviews on harmony central and musician's friend and such. Both microphones are very highly regarded it seems, in terms of bang for the buck. I imagine I'd end up being happy with either one. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any direct comparison experience with these mikes?



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