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sample rate

Sample rate problems

Hello everyone. I’ve completely torn my hair out. This problem is so frustrating that this is my first time ever asking for help and advice on a message board. Here’s what I’m using. Studio one 5, an Avid Eleven Rack as my recording interface, this is connected to my recording computer which is an hp z602 with 96 gigs of ram and 2 e5 Xeon processors. This is connected to a Wavessound grid server. Somehow when I was recording a song, Studio one was set to 48k sample rate but my interface and the sound grid weren’t. I believe they were at 44.

Recording at high sample rates explained

Hi gang,

I've been listening to this youtube channel for a few weeks and it's been twice that this subject as been discussed.
In the video he clearly demonstrate a reason why you'd want record at higher sample rates or carefully use plugins that has oversampling..

I hope to get your opinion on this.. ;)

Question about changing sample rate "in the making"


I have a group of Cubase projects in 44.100/24 bit.
They consist of mainly midi tracks of strings, drums, bass ( mostly VST Kontakt libraries) and a a few wav tracks of looped material.
This projects should function as basic tracks for a recording session when vocals, guitar and piano will be recorded.

Let's say I wish to record the vocals and live instruments at 96KHz or higher, what path do you suggest?

I'm thinking of exporting each midi tracks into 96KHz stereo wav files.

Effect of session sample rates vsti samples

hey I've been looking into BFD 3 closely while its %50 off. When I looked on google someone in a forum said that BFD 3 samples were recorded at 44.1, so the computer has to re-sample in real time when your using it st any other sample rate in a session.

I was under an assumption that the sample sets in vsti were done at each sample rate supported by the plugin , as opposed to re calculated in realtime. Is this the common way in most vsti?

Which Sample Rate do you most commonly use when recording?

Which sampling rate do you most commonly use when recording?

Please don't include mix projects which come to you where the SR is set by the client's project/files...

I'm talking about when you begin recording a new project.

along with your vote, comments -like bit resolution choices - are also more than welcome.


Tim Dobear - 96k vs. 44.1k sample rates, my real life test

An interesting read on 96k vs. 44.1k sample rates and up sampling.

http://www.timdolbe…"]Tim Dolbear's Sound Advice: 96k vs. 44.1k sample rates, my real life test.[/]="http://www.timdolbe…"]Tim Dolbear's Sound Advice: 96k vs. 44.1k sample rates, my real life test.[/]

24bit 88.2khz or 24bit 96khz?

Hi guys,

Just upgraded my studio with a brand new Focurite liquid Saffire 56 and an Octopre MkII.

With every changes to my gear, I try to better myself. I band project is coming soon, they're gonna track in my studio and mix and master at another place. So, I need to export wave files at there best.

With my last setup (with m-audio delta cards) I used 24bit 44.1khz because it was hard to get a low latency tracking otherwise.



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