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Spirit SX TO Delta 66 To PC.

I am looking for some expert thoughts on this one please ;-)

I am using Sonar x1 which I love by the way! and my inputs and outputs are going through a noisy soundcraft spirit sx desk-have cleaned inside but ready for the tip I think!

I am really fed up with the crackling and having to keep moving sliders back and fore to get rid of the noise!

Soundcraft Spirit vs Allen & Heath Mix Wizard

Hi folks, want to ask advice, which one is better. I'm goint to buy one of those used, for around 500 UKP. I'm more into electronic music with deep basses and chicky vocals. Sound sources are Akai/Emu samplers, some Logic/VST synths, vocals from Logic, through PreSonus Firebox interface (which i dont have yet :).

Mackie CR1604 vlz or Soundcraft Spirit M8?

Hi all.

I'm looking to get my first mixing board. I have found two of them that I am very interested in. The Mackie CR1604 vlz and the Soundcraft Spirit M8. I found pretty good deals on both and would love to hear some opinions on them before I purchase. I make electronic music (techno/house/hip hop /etc..).
All input is much appreciated.


Soundcraft Spirit FX 16 or Allen & Heath Mix Wizard

I am looking to purchase a live board that has direct outs and FX. Soundcraft Spirit FX 16 and the Allen and Heath Mix Wizzard both have these. . .

The primary function is to create a good FOH and Monitor mix. Secondary functions is to pull the directs off direct into Hard disk.