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Standing desk for music production?

Anyone use a standing desk for music production?

If so, what's your setup? (ie. sitting / standing, manual adjustable desk or with a motor, which brand you might recommend, etc.)

My current setup is very ghetto (and clunky / uncomfortable) so thinking about how to design something that's most optimized for a smooth workflow, yet comfortable for many hours of production).

Best chair for music production?

Is there a specific chair that's most loved by music producers?

Or one you use and would recommend?

My current chair is literally almost a 90 degree "L" shaped hard chair with almost no padding and needless to say, it's very uncomfortable. Looking to up my chair and desk game.

Studio Upgrade... New Furniture

I've got a new console coming and looks like the whole studio furniture thing gets revamped.

This means new iso boxes for the converters, amps, etc. AND a new patchbay setup.

I'll start with CAD drawings of the space and hopefully incorporate the patchbay arrangement into the top area of the new iso boxes.

Argosy for Soundcraft Ghost? Recomend studio furniture

I am looking into getting a desk for a Soundcraft Ghost 32ch board. I have seen Argosy makes a nice looking product, and they seem to have THE name in that area of audio... anyone recommend anything better, or equal that might be worth examining?