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Tascam FW-1884

8 pre's and a control surface---Firepod vs. Tascam fw-1884

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21 years 2 months
Hi guys, I'm new here.

I'm to the point where I need to upgrade from Garageband using a used MBox with no Pro Tools---into something a tiny little bit higher end.

I need more XLR inputs for full band recording. At least 8. I'm definitely on a budget.
I'm not using Pro Tools, because it's just too expensive and limiting in the 4 input, 32 track max Digi LE setup.

Tascam FW 1884 compatibility ?s

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21 years 2 months

I'm a new-user newb, hopefully this topic hasn't surfaced as of late . . .

I'm checking out DAW controllers, and the Tascam FW 1884 looks nice, with the MIDI/Surround mixing/Preamps, etc.

First off, does anybody use it and like it?
Second, I'm running both Ableton Live 6 and Adobe Audition 1.5. Anybody know if FW 1884 works with these programs?

Thanks guys!

Simi Thanos
Freakish Van der Graaf Generator fan

Tascam FW 1884 trouble

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21 years 2 months
I just bought this unit. After installing the software, I turn it on and all board lights come up and the firewire light is blinking. There doesn't appear to be a connection with the computer. Anyone experience this? Is there some sort of master reset? I installed the software first as directed and the programs associated with the setup of the unit come up fine. The FW connection is not happening.

FW-1884 control surface
Mac OS 10.4.6
Tascam software ver 1.6 for Intel Mac
Cannot install latest firware update as FW connection is not happening

Projectmix I/O vs. Tascam FW 1884

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21 years 2 months
If anybody can help me here I would really appreciate it.

I am going to be using Digital Performer 4.6 software and was wondering if anyone out there has used either one of these with DP.

I know they are both supposed to work with it, but I had heard that the projectmix couldn't control effects settings in DP but could in others...
I didn't know if this was a problem anyone else has had or not.