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tube mic

Help identifying vintage tube microphones

Hello guys!
I'm from the small country of Bulgaria and I need help from experts like you with identifying 2 vintage tube microphones that I've acquired recently.
Bought them cheap for $13 each. I believe these are Tesla made since there was a 3rd different microphone in the lot and its box has the same ornaments and finish as the ones I am interested about. I've disassembled both and they both have 5703WA miniature tube inside.
I am attaching pictures below.

AKG Mic /Telefunken Tube

Here's a song I recently did where I used an AKG SolidTube mic, replacing the stock 12ax7 tube with a Telefunken ECC83-TK.

I've been using a 12AT7 for a few months, and I've been wanting to try a Telefunken tube.

Cover version of a Warren Zevon song; Accidentally Like A Martyr from his 1978 Asylum LP Excitable Boy.

NOT A MIX. LOL - NOT EVEN A ROUGH MIX. Just to listen and talk about the mic/tube. Here it is:

AC701 tubes for Neumann, Schoeps, etc. mics

Just got off the phone with Eurotubes (http://www.eurotube…"]Eurotubes - Vacuum Tubes by JJ Electronic - ECC83, 12AX7, 6L6. 6L6GC, EL84, EL34, KT77, KT66, KT88[/]="http://www.eurotube…"]Eurotubes - Vacuum Tubes by JJ Electronic - ECC83, 12AX7, 6L6. 6L6GC, EL84, EL34, KT77, KT66, KT88[/]). Seems like us Neumann, Schoeps, AKG, etc. mic owners with units using the AC701 tube should express interest (and need) for a run of new affordable AC701 tubes.

Tube mics vs. FET mics- what difference am I going to hear?

Yes, I know that strictly speaking this question belongs in the mic forum, but there appears to be many fewer readers/posters there.

I see that some microphone companies make tube mics. I am well aware of the overwhelming preference of guitar players and audiophiles for tube amps, but does the analogy cross over into mics? Just what kinds of differences might one expect from a tube mic? And is there anyone here who prefers their sound over FET mics?

My new trick - tube and xsistor preamp on a single voice mic!

My apologies if this is "old hat" for the pros in here. I just wanted to share this for anyone who wants to adapt this to their own home studio.

I am always looking for ways to make new sounds. This trick is nothing more than splitting a mic signal and passing it through both a tube and xsistor preamp and recording in the DAW on two tracks.

So this is what I have done:

1. I take my MXL 990 condenser mic and run it into my PreSonus Firepod. (I use input #1 for this)


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