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1612 Tubes for vari-mu compressor

So I was so interested in the 1612 Tubes I got to play with... I started a hybrid design. The concept is a vari-mu style compressor using the 1612 as the front end after a Jensen XFMR. I am thinking of then running LA2 style buffer and driver amplifier into a Jensen output XFMR. But the side chain will be solid state and use either a LOG amp or a THAT audio engine..

Opinions sought on the reasonable maximum degree of variation when using EQ

I recently recorded an acoustic guitar track that has great mids and high end, but was very bass shy. I could make the track sound more complete by using a really broad bass boost that was on the order of 18dB at the lowest frequencies, falling ski slope style to normal at the low mids.

It sounded good, but my intuition was that this was too much use of EQ.

Vari-Mu and Massive Passive AD/DA conversion ?

I have a varimu and Massive Passive a Rosetta 800 and Big Ben and Masterlink.

What now? does anyone have any sugestions about rooms, monitors, and mastering processes using the gear that I have mentioned above.

More history:

The main studio is all analog into Alsesis HD24XR using TAC analog console for mixing and inserting analog gear during mixdown.


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