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Sax mic, techniques for woodwind ensembles

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My daughter is a sax player, and I may be recording her in various ensembles this fall.

My first question is what you guys use for recording solo sax. I haven't really gone through all the combinations of mics and preamps in my collection as she has just been recording practice sessions and a RØDE NT5 through the Brick sounds pretty good. But there is always room to improve, and I'd like to hear what people with more experience are doing.

Woodwind Instruments/Brass

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Since it seems like everything is mostly based around the rhythm section or the recording studio here, I'd like to find out what would it take to record a decent brass/woodwind instrument or section (I'm a former saxophonist who had a chance to be tutored @ Tanglewood by world known sax man "Harvey Pettel" during the summer of my high school graduating year) and (this is a question for you sax players) what brand (like Selmer, Yamaha, Yanaqisawa) would one think would give you that sweet tone & intonation to compliment the recording process. This can also apply to brass.