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Live vocal delay/doubling/compression

I've no experience with live vocal effects. I have a very soft voice and have gotten it to a satisfactory sound in recording with a doubling effect. I'm wondering what the best way is to do that live? I've done some searching and found:



The Digitech looks cheesy but seems well priced and has a lot of options in one.

The Boss is obviously primarily for guitar. Can it be used effectively for vocals? And because of its new stereo and panning capabilities, can I run a mono signal into it and have a stereo vocal doubling effect coming out of it, thereby acheiving stereo panned vocals? If so, that'd be ideal.

The Dalelectro seems to be a good unit for the price. I like older vintage type sounds.

Any advice on these products or any other way to affordably acheive what I'm after would be much appreciated. Also, what works well for vocal compression live?

I currently run guitar and vox through a california blonde acoustic amp. but i hope to get a PA soon as well as want to have something that can work at gigs that have house PA's.




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moonbaby Thu, 09/21/2006 - 10:47

I understand that you are not able to buy a "real" PA rig at this time, but careful planning will allow you to get something now that will still be viable when you step up. NONE of those products you listed are gonna do that.
First off, there are some connectivity issues. Is the mic (XLR) input on your amp on it's own mixing channel?If so, does that channel have its own "insert loop" jacks?If that is NOT the case, you are limited to effects devices that include a mic preamp (I realize that the Digiwreck has this)with an XLR input to accept a quality mic (like an SM58). Basically, you will be plugging this unit in between the mic and the amp. The cheapest unit I can recommend that has a mic pre, a digital delay processor, and dynamics processing (compression, gating, etc) is the dbx Pro Vocal. It's got everything in it you'll ever need or want. It will work later on when you step up to a mixer, too (via the insert jacks on the mixer). It also has ecallable presets so you can set up a whole set list of songs and have different settings for each one. Not to mention better build quality and sound. I realize it's a bit more $$$, but it's worth it.
As for the Danelectro gear being "vintage", that's just marketing hype. The stuff is made in China, has very cheap/flimsy parts (the footswitches are the worst!), and the sound quality is "guitar-based" (limited bandwidth, no top end). Not to mention that even in their American-made heydays of the 50s-60s, their gear was "budget quality".
Anyway, check out the Pro Vocal..."on sale at a dealer near you"...or e-Bay!

ILOVESOUND Thu, 09/21/2006 - 11:55

thanks moonbaby. i'm glad i asked. i'm certainly willing to pay $100 more for something that will last and is significantly better.

i do have seperate channels on the amp as well as effects loop ins/outs.

seems like this product is being discontinued. still left in a few places. perhaps dbx is releasing a new version?