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Submissions, Demos, biogs a waste of time ?

Who's going to shoot me down in flames ?
After a decade of recording culminating in a Classical guitar CD / DVD documentary and 4 Jazz recordings I've come to the conclusion that music for me is ...don't you hate this word... is a ...hobby.
Keeps me happy and occupied. But I seem to be spending more time in the surf lately than in my studio.
I'm signed with a 3 year licensing / publishing contract but cant afford the thousands of dollars required for distribution.
Am I right ? Recording Labels, undestandably I guess, will only really get involved with an indi unknown when initially there is money to be made, irrespective of whether or not the artist may or may not become more recognised or successful.


Member Mon, 04/24/2006 - 12:15
Reply to Thomas

Hi Thomas. The hip hop idea idea sounds interesting. I'll bung on a few mindless wrap lyrics to Bach's Prelude in D minor , add my drum machine and I'll have a winner for sure.
Got any suggests what I could do when I visit London in mid May ? Any contacts re Music / recording business ? I want to stay in London to live and work. I'll have all my stuff with me - CDs etc, My wife and I are giong to Ronnie Scotts - can't wait !!

8) cheers !

Thomas W. Bethel Tue, 04/18/2006 - 08:41
My guess is that you have a real passion for the music end of things but not for the business side. Classical Guitar (actually anything classical) is not a hot item in the music business right now. You could add some hip hop lyrics and maybe some heavy metal breaks and you may get someone to notice you since that seems to be what is hot right now. I would not push it too much unless you are ready to really put the big push on getting signed. I don't know what your financial obligations are and if you have a full time job but to get signed anymore is not aninexpensive propsition (but hopefully you will make it all back once you get signed).

Best of luck!

You should put up a website and sell your music via the web and see how things go. Then you will have somewhat of a "track record" and you may be able to get a record lable to notice you especially if your sales are up.

maintiger Sat, 04/29/2006 - 10:53
The problem with being a creative type in our society is that unless you make a living at it it is not recognized as 'legit' and like you said, it is looked upon as a 'hobby.' I finally came to term with that myself after being frustrated for many years as you are. What my final conclusion was/is that I am a singer/songwriter/composer/musician and I am doing just what I want to do. I don't have air play or acclaim or fame (yet, hope spring is eternal) :D
but I am who I want to be, doing what I want to do. If other people don't recognize that, its their problem, I don't have a problem with it anymore.

That being said, I am currently working hard in a new musical "The Orishas Are Coming To America."'t… ITs going rather well so far, (I Think- no, I know!) and there is some real hope for success. The plan is to get some REAL WORLD CREDITS here. Once you get that, your work is magically legitmitized (is that a 'real word?) and the rest of your body of work becomes 'legit."

So I go on still writing and recording. My new solo album, "Little Hope" (a little hope is better than no hope at all!) will be out this summer for sale at my website, at our ebay store and at gigs. (which are few and far between nowdays, sad to say). :( When the Orishas take off (notice I say when, not if) I am hopeful to sell a fair number of 'Little Hopes' and also of my other albums (One Dark Dude, Look My Way, The Lord Tiger Sessions, Dragon Masters, For All Times)- you get the pecture-

Until that happens, man I do go on. I go on writing, singing, recording, producing, promoting, of course modding here at this fine site... You get the picture, 'I AM Doing IT' Never mind if the world doesn't know, I know!

So that's my take on it. I can't tell you not to get discouraged for we all get discouraged. But when you recognize that you are who you are and you do what you do because that's what you do then it is easier to accept it. I can't give up for then I will just wither and die. I know it is our lot to die anyway, all of us, but what we choose to do between birth and death its what matters in this reality and the present moment anyway. And my lot in this life, just like you, is music. And I choose to follow it, even if like a Don Quixote stabbing at windmill. Hey, he was a unrealistic dreamer just like us. He didn't make much of his life (by society standards anyway) but he followed his dream and now he is inmortalized- about that!

Well folks, sorry for the long ramble. I just had to set the record straight: IT IS NOT A HOBBY!!!! Its who we are, its what we do- mo matter what BS to the contrary you may hear. 8) 8)

Member Thu, 05/04/2006 - 09:11
Reply to Maintiger

AMEN ! Maintiger. You're absolutely right. Good luck with the musical sounds good !! Me I'm sending this email from Changi airport on my way to Rome,London and Paris. I have demos and you bet I'm gonna come home famous................maybe.
Second thoughts, my demo discs make really good drink coASTERS....MIGHT JUST HAVE A HOLIDAY