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What is your favorite combination of Bass Guitar pickups and Direct Injection/Mic Pre for the classic rock sound?
Do you like aftermarket pickups or are the American Fender pickups the ticket? You may throw in your advice for compressor, but you'll probably just say 1176.


anonymous Wed, 02/27/2002 - 23:23

A '62 Jazz and a '63 P-bass in my B15 mic'd with either an RE-20 or FET 47 to a 1073. (Also sometimes in a friend's '65 Bassman and 70's SVT when I can borrow them and its the sound I want.)

I usually take a direct line as a safety (usually a Jensen passive DI to a second 1073 pushed hard or a Demeter tube DI if there's one around) but it rarely get used and never by itself!

Lately a bass player I often work with brought an Aguilar bass preamp he just purchased for live work and I got a good tone out of it's DI output too.

I'd like to try an Evil Twin but they are not available around here... :confused: :w:

DonnyThompson Thu, 08/06/2015 - 07:00

try2break, post: 14841 wrote: for the classic rock sound?

That's a wide open category... "classic rock" could be Alright Now ( Free) or Money (Pink Floyd) or Badge (Cream)... to say "classic rock sound" is too general... John Paul Jones, Roger Waters, McCartney, James Jamerson, John Entwistle, Carol Kaye, Chris Squire, Andy Frazier, Geddy Lee.. all are considered to be "classic rock" bassists, but their styles and tones are all vastly different and often unique.

So, this is classic rock:

And this is classic rock:

And this is classic rock:

But so is this:

Yet, so is this:

Classic Rock now includes songs from the 80's, so you'd have to figure in all those different tones and styles as well..

So which "classic rock sound" are you looking for?

Hofner? Fender P-Bass? J-Bass? Rickenbacker? Vox? Gibson Ripper? Grabber? Chapman?

For DI, Transformer or Tube? FET? SS ?

And, a lot of classic rock bass was tone-sourced using amps and speaker cabinets as well, so there's Bassman, Ampeg, Vox, Peavey ...

Which brings us to which mics you could use on the speakers that would add their own color and character, too ... LOL

Just sayin'... ;)


Davedog Fri, 08/07/2015 - 15:46

62 P-Bass into anything. I like my standard starter set. Bass du jour into ADK AP2 with the stock ADK opamp Classic Neve and Lindahl trannie into any sort of 1176 or clone of...I'm liking the IGS Alter 500...split out into an amp...I have an older Warwick combo with a 12 for a more 'modern' vibe or an Ampeg B12/15 for that more 'traditional' thud. Another thing I like is running a bass into a Fender Deluxe Reverb at very low volume and micing it with a ribbon. Mostly though, I find that the bass and its string choice has to be matched to the material as well as fingers,thumb,pick,slap,mute under the strings at the bridge....Control of the note length is what...IMHO...makes the bass parts happen or whether they create a need for a lot of work for the engineer and the producer.