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Hey guys! I've been using an Shure sm57 for recording a guitar 2x12 cab. I was wondering what I would expect if I used a Studio projects C4 condenser on it. I'm buying a SP C3 for vocals and am wondering if I should buy a pair of C4's.

PS- It would be a overdriven or heavy distortion guitar tone(line6 Duoverb amp)


KurtFoster Mon, 09/20/2004 - 12:52

I use both .. a favorite trick is to place a LD condenser in figure 8, sidways behind an open backed cab and a pair of dynamics on the speakers in front .. pan the dynamics left / right and put the LD down the middle ... providing a front to rear perspective and creating a "3D" effect, even in mono ...

Be sure to listen to this in mono to check for phase problems .. if the sound thins out in mono, flip the phase of the LD ...


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