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I've just been offered a Soundcraft 6000 mixing desk for 800 euros (circa 960 dollars). I've heard of the make but know nothing about either them or this particular model. I'm in the middle of googling it now to find out more.

Apparently, it cost about 17500 euros (about 21,000 dollars) new in like 1975, or something. Anyway, two of the bus channels crackle and need repairing. Gentleman selling reckoned on about 300 euros (360 dollars) to fix.

Just for comparison I now have a Behringer MX2642A and was thinking of upgrading to a Mackie 24/8 (or 32/8)

Has anyone ever used one? What are they like? Opinions on whether it's worth the money? Should I get the Mackie or the Soundcraft? If the answer appears obvious to you please be gentle with me - I have no idea about these things!

Thanks for any help.


Davedog Sat, 08/28/2004 - 13:44

Mackies have a lot of patching options and more aux buses simply due to the age of a Soundcraft 6000....BUT...the Soundcraft will have a sonic footprint that the Mackie will be a faint echo of....Its like buying a car...they all steer and can get you from point A to point B....its just, do you want a really comfortable ride or simply a utilitarian commute....Sonically, the Mackie is not in the same league...but it does have features that may be of some importance to your needs..either way, its all up to you....

Massive Mastering Sat, 08/28/2004 - 23:20

IF it's in good shape, and IF you don't mind ripping it apart a bit once in a while, I'd go with the 6000.

Especially if you're good with a soldering iron (it's going to have a bit of a maintenance schedule, but the sound should be worth it).

If it's a 24-channel or bigger (I can't remember how big they came.... 48 tracks? More?) that's a mighty decent price if it's in good condition.