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Allen & Heath or Soundcraft, Mixer help needed!

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I'm about to buy a new mixer but i don't know how they sound and i really don't have the ability to listen to all of them, but some of the mixers that im interested of is these ones, all of these boards are 24ch, and thats the sice i need.

Allen & Heath GL3
Allen & Heath GL2200
Soundcraft Spirit Studio
Soundcraft Delta DLX

Does anyone know how these desk would work and sound, since some some of them are live desks?

I produce reggae and dub with deep sub bass and need about 6 aux and also i would love to get most warm sounding EQ's in that pricerange.

So if someone has any opinoin on these boards please let me know :wink:

best regards


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Member Mon, 05/05/2008 - 20:18

If your running a DAW get some good EQ plug-ins like Waves SSL or API versions, then spend the money on a decent set of pre's.

You'll get cleaner, better results and (my favorite part) you dont have the clutter of a giant desk sitting in the way.

Although people in the studio may not understand why there is no board, the improved sound quality helps them quickly forget.

I was asking these same questions a few months back and was set straight by the wonderful expertise of this forum.

P.s. if your tracking to Tape I hear the Toft is excellent.

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MadMax Tue, 05/06/2008 - 16:13
The Soundcraft consoles are going the way of many manufacturers... surface mount technologies that use proprietary parts.

To repair one bad channel, you have to send a group of 8 channels in...

A&H... one channel, one board... and you can get it serviced with parts generally available from regular parts warehouses.

The ATB's are decent consoles... no meter bridges are available yet, and the PFL only has a master engaged indicator. Other than that... good pre's... nice EQ. Although I've been hearing that there are a few issues with boards that came in on lot#2, the rest are supposedly rock solid.

Contrary to likea45's misinformation, the only way a console will give you early reflection issues is due to poor acoustical engineering and poor monitor placement.

The improved sound quality would only be from the two ears attached to the job at hand.... it has very little to do with the presence or absence of a console.