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Some friends of mine went to that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week being held at Bryant Park in NYC this week to do some field recording with a video camera. The footage was loaded into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and I noticed that cell phone pulses were recorded on the audio portion of the video. Can anyone suggest methods or technologies to shield the recording equipment from cell phone pulses?


dvdhawk Sat, 02/13/2010 - 21:50

I feel your pain. What kind of camera(s) were they using? Onboard mics? Audio Interface? Cables?

I made the mistake ONCE of trying FRS headsets on a 3-camera shoot. I had a guy at the center (wide-shot) camera directing and running the video mixer while I did the audio. He was calling the shots to cameras 1 & 3, and everytime he keyed the mic, the radio gave off enough energy to glitch the video. (Thank goodness for redundant recording) So rather than leave the event with a nearly finished product I had to go back and edit around every video transition without losing continuity. - not fun.

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