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I am looking for feedback from anyone who has dealt with these or other Custom DAW PC builders. First off, I do NOT want to build my own. I am capable, but frankly it is worth it to me to spend a few hundred dollars to avoid the time, effort, and frustration involved. What I am wondering is this -did they deliver the product promised, were there any issues in returning for repair, was support available if needed, etc. In other words, are these reliable and dependable businesses that one can deal with in confidence and trust? They are just faceless Internet entities to me and I am looking at a significant expenditure.


lostindundee Sun, 06/17/2012 - 14:02

ADK System here.

Scott was a pleasure to deal with and really helpful in discussing my needs during consultation. My Quad Xtreme arrived when it was meant to and was easily tracked via Fedex.

My system runs absolutely fine with no issues and continues to do so. I can't recall exactly how long I've had it but it was at the same time as that blasted Volcano cloud in Iceland was stopping flights into the UK - just over two years possibly.

I've had to contact ADK once (via email) about a very general computer related question and Chris, who answered, got back to me the same day. Chris also solved some issues for me on the RME user forum (non-related to my ADK system) which was cool of him.

Hope this helps.



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