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Fostex VF160 ?

I might buy one for $250. Is this a good, easy way to build a small home/project studio?

I already have an outboard analoge/digital CD burner so I don't need the more expensive VF160EX (CD burner included) and I already have decent outboard gear. I'm switching from an old 8 track analoge TEAC to the digital domain.
Does anybody already own the VF160? Pro's &/or cons?

AP 8)


pr0gr4m Wed, 05/03/2006 - 16:38

It's a good device. We don't use it for recording, we use it for backing tracks but I've found that it has some pretty cool features. It's built-in effects are decent but not great. It is sturdy as hell. I think you'll enjoy it and at that price it's hard to resist.

I think you can only record 8 tracks at once with the unit as it is. But I also think it has a digital interface you could expand with to record 16 tracks at once.

I think it's worth the risk at that price.

anonymous Thu, 05/04/2006 - 20:10

My friend has the EX model and loves it. I have some other Fostex products and they are fine. The thing I like the most is the ADAT interface which is still a contender in the digital MDM realm.

The ADA8000 (Behringer - about $230 street) is a great way to expand the unit to 16 simultaneous record tracks.



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