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Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume IV - Budget Consumer Equipment (FOSTEX 3180)

Hello everyone,

Another installment into my "Cheap Spring Reverb" series. This time I take on the Fostex 3180. This noisy little machine adds a nice sheen to any track I pass through it. Very versatile in my opinion if you aren't looking to spend a large sum of money. I think I picked up mine for something around $100-$200 a little while back. Well worth the money I would say.

The Infamous Fostex MN-50

Hello everyone,

I made a quick overview and demo video for the Fostex MN-50. I was surprised to see that there were zero videos on YouTube show casing this compressor. If you've been on these forums long enough you must have seen the name of this unit come up again and again. Often touted as the secret weapon for a trashy drum sound. Some say it's a hunk of overrated junk, other's keep it in their back pocket for when it's needed to spice up a track. I hope the video can be appreciated around here.



Master Mix on Fostex Digital 8 track

Any Fostex users out there? I forget my model number - 8 track recorder (4 tracks at a time) with CD burner. I'm seeking advice regarding the order in which the tracks should be recorded and how they should be mixed. I have some M Audio speakers - which tend to sound "muddy". I'll get a mix that sounds good in the headphones only to have it sound like crap through the speakers.

fostex mr8hd

Hi,thanks for this forum.,,:)
I,we bought a used fostex mr8HD and after some time the warning "to-many-events.came up. I cant bounce track 1-6 to wav file 7/8 for download to pc,before fragment HD and mr8HD have not the option for delete undo/redo wav file to make Space,,,anybody have a good idea,,,:)

Fostex MR 8

Hi everyone I am new to this forum I'm hoping for some good help. So I just acquired a Fostex mr8 and I was wondering how to set it up. I did some recordings but can't figure out how to turn on the metronome and if I mess up a part how to go back and fix it without redoing the whole track.

Analog/Digital Hybrid Studio, Fostex 80 reel to reel, Tascam M-312B, into Logic

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get an analog/digital hybrid home recording studio going and get the best of both worlds. I just picked up a Fostex Model 80 reel-to-reel 8 track and an old Tascam M-312B Mixer. What I'd like to do is track through the mixer and onto tape, then mix some more coming out of the mixer and into my DAW (Logic) for the final mixdown. I'm not quite sure how to route this exactly. I'm looking to record live drums with 3-4 mics, then mostly overdubbing the rest. Maybe a few live guitars.

Fostex problem

I have the Fostex Mr8 recorder and its making a weird heartbeat type sound when I turn the mic volume up. Only does this when I press record but not when I arm the track or tracks. Does this with both my SM57s and all cables. Also each time this sound is happening there is 'ACC' at the top right of display screen blinking after each sound I described. What could be the issue? Thanks.

Fostex MR-8 card error 09

Hi there. I'm having trouble with my Fostex MR-8 CF card. It's an intermittent problem that keeps popping up saying card error 09. I've reformatted (also from an external source as well as the MR-8). Sometimes I can get away with recording a song and immediately transfering onto the computer, but the next time it will get halfway through and then corrupt again. I'm using the same CF I got with the unit (about 2 years) do these cards get weary and need replaced? or is there something else I could try. Thanks for looking.



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