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Hardware samplers

Im trying to understand samplers a little better and i was wondering if they can be used to extract sounds of pianos or horns or whatever from the drum beat so that i can then use and alter the horns as an idevidual sound loops in another song I'm creating,


audiokid Fri, 09/01/2006 - 23:29
Samplers can record audio from any source. They record what you play into them via a mic or direct source.
Depending on what brand the sampler is and, its capabilities are, can then alter the sampled audio and be play backed via a midi controller.

examples like looping, transposing, percussion etc. Samplers are very very useful tools. They have revolutionized the music industry.

anonymous Wed, 09/06/2006 - 02:21
I think he's talking about 'lifting' , say, a horn stab from an existing song loop.
Ie, seperating the sound elements via sampling.

No sampler can do this, but clever use of filtering etc.. can help a little but that is very dependent on the frequency content shared by each instrument in the song.

If all the elements, keys, bass, guitar etc... are playing together then it will be almost impossible.
If each instrument is played in isolation, then it's easy.

Unless I'm completely mistaken re the question..


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