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Headphone splitter cable

I thought this would be a simple request, but the cabling company I've ordered from have got it wrong twice now:

I want to connect two mono outputs from my Fireface to an Art Headamp (1/4" stereo jack input). Is this possible, or a bad idea, to effectively use a "splitter" cable in reverse?
The cable I've been sent has no signal going to the Right channel of the headphones (both outputs from FF are being sent to left channel). I'm no wiring expert, obviously.

Thanks in advance.


Kev Fri, 05/19/2006 - 17:27
It's possible

if the outputs are unbalanced and levels are too much for the HPamp input

I make stuff like this and it is likely this is not a single standard cable
... it may take a few adapters to get there IF you do want off the shelf items

as I said
this is where I started my DIY

you might want a variant of cable 14

two monos to the TRS in stereo
I tend to use TRS everywhere and just modify my wiring technique

as was suggested above ... a typical insert lead could get you started