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Hi, i've already posted this on the "what is your DAW" thing but i need some help. This is what i have in mind for a new DAW -

Processor - AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Dual Core AM2
MoBo - ASUS MV2 Athlon 64 x2
RAM - Kingston 2GB DDR2 (2x1GB)
Boot HD - 80GB Westerndigital Caviar SE ATA
Audio HD - 160GB Westerndigital Caviar SE SATA
Graphics - 128MB MSI Radeon X300SE
Burner - Samsung SH - S182D
PSU - Zalman ZM360B - APS (360W)

Interface - M-Audio DELTA 1010 (rack mount)

Is the Prcessor + MoBo compo ok?

Is the Sound Card cool with this MoBo?

Plus any other comment (good or bad) welcome?

thanks Ern :D


Reggie Thu, 11/09/2006 - 17:47
If the MSI has a fan on it, you may want to exchange it for something fanless.
And I would get a burner you can trust, like a PX-760, which you can do error checks and stuff on.
May want to bump up the PSU to the 430 or 500 range. Always good to have headroom incase you add DSP cards and such.
May I ask how much this rig will run you?