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PMC & ADAM monitors

Is there amyone who did the comparison between monitors of the same sepcs/degree that from PMC and ADAM repectively ?



wiggy Thu, 03/14/2002 - 00:20

PMC are da BoMb!!!!

I have apair of the TB2's .. the cheapest and passive ones, and they eat Questeds up for breakfast and lunch.

We dont have ADAM's here in Australia so i cant make a direct comparison. Btu from my expereince the PMC's rock!. The TB2's have a such a great sounds, depth, clarity and 3D perspective. Team them up with a nice amp like Bryston and they will sing for agess and you will probably never go back to anything else.

Ckec PMC out

I am a total PMC convert and i am not paid by them.. and yes i still love NS-10's... but not KRK

KRK is the spawn of satan

hope it helps


paddington Sun, 04/17/2005 - 17:41

I totally agree.

I have a pair of TB2s along with a Hafler P1500 and they are absolutely amazing. The imaging is nigh on perfect and they are flat (+/- 1dB) 40Hz-40KHz.

An amazing speaker in my opinion. Transmission line rocks, I will never stop using PMCs now!

jimbo_baby84 Sun, 04/17/2005 - 18:51

if you're looking at monitors of this quality, don't forget to check out ATCs. they are amazing speakers. if i was you i'd forget the adams and make it a PMC vs ATC comparison.

Antho Mon, 04/18/2005 - 04:42

ADAM, Dynaudio, PMC all these fit into a similar class to me.

All excellent choices, for me Dynaudio being the winners.

Nothing seems to translate mixes as well as BM6a's and BM15a's, which i use. I have used the others pretty often...PMC's TB2's more so than the ADAMS. ADAMS not much really.

Also, Genelec, JBL, Tannoy & KRK, but these aren't the same IMO.

Genelec nearly fit into the category of awesome, but not quite as I always seemed to have translation issues. Could've been the shite rooms I was in in the studio that refused to invest in bass trapping! So don't take that one as gospel.

axel Mon, 04/18/2005 - 04:53

pmc and dynaudios are nice, but don't overlook genelec's new 8000 series, give them a listen... well worth checking 'em out!!!
your ears will be delighted.

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Fruition2k Mon, 04/18/2005 - 13:36

I've had my BM6A's for 5 years now, Tannoy system 800's before that, Meyer HD-1's before those. I've been looking at PMC's for since 1999, they were hard to audition one had them down here in S Florida. A year or so ago a friend bought a pair AML1's, incredible in every way, they're next on my list. 8-)

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Fruition2k Mon, 04/18/2005 - 18:52

BM6A's are one of the the best monitors for the money...I love the detail and imaging, worth every penny if all of your mixes are translating well on other systems! There are better monitors out there and of course with a higher price tag.
Cant go wrong budgeting most of you money on your room, mic pres, and monitors.
In that order...