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Portable Workstation or Computer?

Recently I almost bought the Yamaha AW 1600 Audio Workstation for recording my stuff ($1000). But 2 things happened:

1. I realized instead I want a 24-track system (not 16-tracks)
2. Someone told me it's cheaper to use my PC or laptop, than to buy a portable audio workstation.

Well as for computer options, I am not computer savvy, and not sure how to go about using my computer to create a cheaper recording system! Do any of you have opinions or advice about this?

And FYI: Consideration for buying a portable workstation mainly comes from a desire to record wherever I am when inspiration hits LOL.

Whatever decision is made, I have $1000 - $1300 to play with, and all I have now is an amp and a couple mics (No mixer, etc. -not even sure what else I'll need toward a mini-studio :rolleyes: ). Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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