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pre-terminated cable recommendation for studio?

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Hi, I'm ready to recable my studio now and have some money saved up for it. I'm looking to buy preterminated cable in standard (non-custom) lengths.

I'd like something good that I won't outgrow; cable that's top quality which won't be the weak point in the path.

Please don't suggest monster brand cabling, I'm not going to buy any from them. I don't trust that they're worth the money more than another brand might be. Just because they're popular doesn't mean the cable is good or as good as it costs.

Do you all have any recommendations? I live on the east coast, I have a date next weekend and I'd like to have the cable by then.

I appreciate your help, thanks,


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Guest Mon, 06/04/2001 - 04:19
Back when we had an 'install crew' , we used to spec Canare Star-Quad for mic runs, and Mogami for line level runs.

Both are flexible and easy to work with, both seem to work very well. The Canare worked especially well for mic level signal [which usually runs around -40, -50] in terms of keeping the noise floor low, and the RF rejection high.

We did a couple of places that were 'RF nightmares', and by sticking to the above mentioned program [along with making the Control Room a 'Faraday cage'] we were able to minimize RF problem [guitar amps on the other hand were a different story]. There was one place where we had to build all "star quad" mic cables as any traditional style mic cable became an instant antennae for the local 'spanish station' [how come you only ever get the AM spanish station when you have RF problems is a mystery to me...though we did have one place that had a problem with the horizontal sync transmitted by ABC in NY...another fucking nightmare]

We used to bring Mogami multi-pair to an ADC punchblock mounted in the back of each rack bay, then Mogami "console cable" from the puchblock to the equipment. Depending on the size of the bay, and whether or not it had back plates, we could often do two bays with one punchblock [if I remember correctly they were 96 point punchblocks...48 sends, 48 returns].

As for standard lengths...unless you're looking at 100 meter rolls, chances are you're going to be looking at at least one "cut charge" for the mulitpair, when you figure out your requirements, you may want to plan on something like 24 pair cable as opposed to 48 pair cable...that way you may get closer to the 100m roll size. It's twice the "snake prep" time, and twice the "cable run" time, but you save on the 'cut charge'.

As for 'Monster Cable'...I'm kind of with you on the high degree of BS, but do have a friend who rewired his studio with it [API/Studer facility], and he swears by the monster stuff. He tells me he hears a substantial difference and I do know the brother has a good set of ears [I don't know what he had before, so what he had previously may have been total crap, so the difference he was hearing was the difference between decent and crap wire...I dunno].

Best of luck with your search

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archived member Mon, 06/04/2001 - 12:11
Originally posted by Fletcher:
[how come you only ever get the AM spanish station when you have RF problems is a mystery to me...

Out here it is always the 'Christian Talk' stations. I can't remember how many times I've used the voices coming out of those guitar amps on punk records. It seems that they are always talking about 'hell fire and brimstone' at the right time in the song.

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