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Is a printer cable the right cord for a USB on my Boss BR-1600CD

Hi. I was trying to plugin my Boss BR-1600CD to my pc for the first time. Nothing came up and I went straight to Jurisdiction that it was the cord that was wrong.

looks like this http://www.wpclipar…"]usb AB Cable hookup - public domain clip art image @[/]="http://www.wpclipar…"]usb AB Cable hookup - public domain clip art image @[/]


RemyRAD Tue, 10/02/2012 - 22:30
Of course there are better USB cables than others. The better ones usually have goldplating. They do offer improved and more consistent connectivity. Very important when making recordings, of course.

High-quality USB cables that also have ferrite traps, at both ends, ensures less spurious RFI. And that's even better. So while generic USB cables may be fine, that sort of like saying that cassettes are as good as CDs. And we all know better than that. So use a high-quality USB cable to connect with your computer audio interface. Leave the generic ones for generic functions like printers. I mean you don't use a Radio Shaft microphone on something that requires at least a 58 if not a studio condenser microphone, right? And even with all of that, would you not also use a pop filter? The same thing can be said for cabling. I mean even Taiwanese microphone cable does not offer the kind of shielding you get with American or European made microphone cable. Fine for a PA system to play the local nightclubs. Not necessarily fine when trying to make quality recordings with cabling that is microphonic. I've even had that happen with MOGAMI. It had a fine wrapped, copper shield but it was microphonic as hell. And that was quality cable. So while I'm not into MONSTER cabling, I am into quality industrial cable. And that's not a consumer item. That's a professional item. So you want a professional, goldplated, highly shielded, ferrite trapped, USB cable.

Go ahead and use the cheap ones. Don't start crying when it fails.
Mx. Remy Ann David