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Question about a Remix technique

Hey, i know the general idea of the idea i want to learn but i was hoping someone may have tips.
Its a chopping technique. Like the really fast chopping of a sample, that makes it almost sound like a buzz.
Theres a plugin called chopper which cannot chop the audio fast enough, so i guess its a manual task. How much should i remove when cutting the audio? I guess its a try it and see job, but any tips would be appriciated.


Member Sat, 04/08/2006 - 08:02
I know the effect you're going for. I have used pro tools in grid mode to accomplish this effect. There may be an easier/quicker way to do this, but I haven't had the need for this effect very often, so I'm not sure. Anyway, if you've set up your session in pro tools to line up to the grid (assuming you're using pro tools), you can let the grid resolution be your template for how fast you want this "chopping" effect to occur. For example, let's say I want one bar studder with 32nd note resolution. Well, I set my grid to show 1/32 and then I go to the region I want to have the effect and cut out every other 32nd note worth of audio... does that make any sense? It's kinda hard to explain if you don't have the tools right in front of you... but, anyway, I hope this helps..