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Puremix contest, stems available

Hi guys and girls !

Just for the fun of it and doing the exercice of mixing some tracks recorded by someone else, I posted a mix to this contest under the name pcrecord :

I actually don't care about the price.

if you feel like participating or if you enjoy my take on it, click on LIKE ;)

We often want to show by exemple. There's a few songs over there that we might want to use here.


anonymous Sat, 11/22/2014 - 06:26
Forget it... I found you... :)

For those not sure, go to the page Marco linked to, then click on "pureMix Cloud", scroll down to "PCrecord" and his mix will appear in a window in the upper right section of the page. Hit "play".

LOL...Je ne parle pas beaucoup français, Mon Ami... but it's a very smooth and nice sounding mix. Just one small critique.. to me, through my Alesis Monitor One's and Tannoy Reveals, it sounded like there was just a tad too much energy in the lower mids. But, I'm really talking just a "skoshe" here... and that's really nit picking.

Nice mix!

pcrecord Sat, 11/22/2014 - 13:32
Thanks Donny for going to the site and for the comment.
I listened to a few other mixes and I found many that had no clue that they were undermining the mastering engineer's work by using too much reverb or too much compression. I guess mine seems a bit quiet compared to others..

It was a complex mix with 16 tracks of percussions (some stereo tracks) with 18 vocal tracks...
The low mids you are talking about was a compromise caused by a really hard to work with bass (it was roomy, with a lot of fret noises and having weak tone..)
Someday, I'll send you some other mix to see if you here that mid defect again... If so, my monitoring may tricking me, or yours, LOL ;)
Anyway... For a few hours of fun, I'm glad that I've done it. It's a good exercise.




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