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Old thread remix

Hi guys /gals, I have sample of song I had on thread a while back .
Pulled it to bits and tried to build back better,
Tell me how it goes on your earphones /monitors please . I hear a couple of things
that sort of bug me, I won't tell you and see if you concur, and other things that I can't hear !

Thanks, hope everyone is having a nice time coming into Christmas holidays, I guess
most of you are like me and don't get holidays
Cheers Ash

Attached files Keep it REal sample.mp3 (3.8 MB) 


dvdhawk Sat, 12/16/2017 - 11:36
I could listen to Mrs. Smashh sing all day.

I love it, the only distraction came at about 35 seconds in (right before "everything will work out fine" ) the tom fill the punctuates that stop jumps out at me. I hear a transient in there around the second tom hit that sounds more like a click than a tom. So these questions come to mind; Did the drummer hit a mic? Did the signal clip there on the tom track? Did that spike clip the master buss during the bounce to mp3? Could the attack of the second tom be tamed just a bit in that spot - either by volume reduction or compression?

That's the only thing I heard that triggered my, "oh, I'd want to fix that" reflex. I might dry up the lead vocal just a pinch, but that's more a matter of my personal preference.

Well done. I always look forward to listening to the tracks you post!

Smashh Sat, 12/16/2017 - 16:38
Yup ,the vocal is a little too wet , was one thing that I thought after hearing the bounced mp3
I hadn't picked up on the tom hit ,but I will fix it, should be easy . I put the old drum tracks into
superior drummer 3 tracker and changed the voicings, so I may get away with just deleting that
single tom hit .
The other thing that caught my attention was the lead guitar distorting a little half way through ,
but I will leave it . Since it never bugged you , it can't be too bad I guess :rolleyes:

Thanks for the feedback Dave (y)

audiokid Sat, 12/16/2017 - 17:40
dvdhawk, post: 454509, member: 36047 wrote: I could listen to Mrs. Smashh sing all day.

Love this and concur with Dave that the vocals reverb needs addressing but to be more precise I would say I like the depth of the reverb but I don't like the delayed refection of it. I think all you need to do is tighten that up and she's good!

Nice work as usual




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