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Samplitude directories/folders

Is there a way to get Samp to store a project's audio files in a subdirectory of the project folder? X3 wants to store audio (and picture) files in the same folder as the project VIP, which is messy IMO. Is there a setting to change this so the audio and other project files are in a different location from the project VIP file?


thewonders Wed, 03/15/2017 - 07:39

Yes, I posted there first and I have an answer this morning.

potscrubber wrote:
Right click on the record button. Opens a rather busy dialogue.. in the bottom left is a folder icon. You can set the record file path.
Alternatively, open Track Options by right click on a track's title header, or by Menu -> Track -> Track options....

Also keep in mind, with Windows Explorer you can move any audio file (and it's associated files) to a sub-folder of the main folder that the VIP resides in, and Sampliquoia will find it. The VIP must be closed when you do this move though. And do not execute a move when you have files with the same names in different subfolders... things go haywire. Give them distinct names first.