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Tascam's DM3200. What do you think?

I'm considering basing my project studio around the DM3200.
Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions or advice on this desk?

Much appreciated in advance, cheers from NZ!



moonbaby Tue, 06/13/2006 - 11:42
OK, you asked! I have a pair of that mixer's predecessor, the DM24. Got a good deal on them with a special on the meter bridge. I have owned a bunch of Tascam products in the past. NO MORE TASCAM FOR ME!!
Too many things that have gone bad, mainly mic pre Gain pots that jump,
moving fader issues, software glitches, bad connectors, and more. I get pissed off just thinking about them! Save your money and buy a Yamaha....

Member Tue, 06/13/2006 - 14:11
Hey mod, sorry I didn't mean to double post that bump.

Moonbaby - thanks for the reply, interesting experiences.

So which yamaha would you go for?

I'm pretty familiar with the O2R, using it for a couple of years as my day to day console at a previous job, but it doesn't have the firewire option I need & is kinda dated now I think?

Member Wed, 06/14/2006 - 00:40
Hey Boswell.

I'll be using the mixer as the front end for recording band projects, mostly rock, along with the rest of my setup that includes a Universal Audio 6176 preamp, a UAD1 DSP card, KRK monitors & my dual core laptop among other bits & pieces.

I probably would use eq & fx while tracking where appropriate or neccesary rather than later in the mix if possible.
It always to get the sound right from the start rather than later eh?

I'm specifically interested in the Tascam because, unlike moonbaby, I've had pretty decent experiences with their gear in the past, although I have never used the DM24 that moonbaby mentions.

From what I have seen & read, I like the idea of the DM3200 although I haven't used one yet.

The things I like about it most are...
the size & format, the 32 channels & 16 aux returns, the motorized faders, the DAW control possibilities, the 2 built in TC Works fx processors, the expansion options, the firewire option that turns it into a 24 channel audio interface, but most of all the price...
I can get DM3200 with the meterbridge & firewire options for the wholesale price of around $4900NZ - approx $2500US - saving me almost $3800NZ through an existing business relationship I have with the Tascam distributor here in New Zealand!

I just can't match this deal & the funtionality of the gear with any other supplier or brand of equipment.

Given this, I'm almost set on the purchase.
As far as I'm aware it does everything I need & more for the right price?

And so here we are... I guess I posted this thread looking for advice from other DM3200 users, their experiences with it good or bad & whether or not they recommend it?

If it turned out that said users of the DM3200 considered it a complete lemon - then of course I wouldn't buy it, but from my research so far I haven't found that to be the case.

Fingers crossed.... :?: