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Vista compatibility info

The linked forum has already done some work posting links to manufacturer's sites about Vista drivers, compatibilty, etc. (I hope it's OK to link to another forum. I realize this is the best. but info is info, right?) May be a good place to start investigating if anyone is considering "upgrading" to Vista (so you can learn how to disable even MORE unnecessary Microsoft "features".)
Even if the content may not be absolutely current, a lot of the manufacturer's links and comments are in one spot, so you may find your hardware or software, (or what you are considering buying) and get some idea as to where they're at.



bwmac Wed, 07/04/2007 - 21:28
This one is on the inside out review on Vista

and if you go to and read this link below you will see that vista sends all your personal info to the redmond company

please copy and paste this on other forums so others are aware