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How do you all capture the sound of an electric guitar?

Plugins? Mic’d amp? I use a plugin called Bias Amp 2 for all amp and cab simulations which I quite like (although seems to sound nicer with my tele than Les Paul). I’ve also heard really good things about a plugin called amplitube but don’t have any experience with it.. What do other people use?

Hitch a Ride - Brad Delp's processing?

Hi!  Wow, it's been a while since I've travelled this way.

I've been asked to do a cover of Boston's "Hitch a Ride".

I'd like to solicit opinions for what processing they are using on the legendary Brad Delp's vocals. To my ears, I can't decide if he tracked it twice or if the doubling is done electronically. 

I want to mix your tracks for my studies

Hi, I am a master student in a music production course in UK. Although I can say that my mixing is solid I want to improve it and expand my portfolio. If you an artist and looking for a mix engineer, feel free to contact me, If you don't like may mix no prob!! Its free anyway... Contact:

How to remove spoken words in background of music

Hi friends, there are some spoken words in the background of this song that are super hard to hear, and so I am on a quest to remove the noise so I can hear what is being said.  It should be said that currently, there is an entire fan base of this song who all don't know, so it will be a historic find when completed.  I have pretty much 0 audio engineering experience other than extremely small

Mixing song stems in the studio

Hi everyone, Happy Holidays! 

Here's what I'm having an issue with:

1. I received 34 tracks from some friends for me to mix down in my studio (I'm using my Roland VS2480's for the mix & master).

2. All tracks were originally recorded at 192kHz and converted down to 48kHz by my friends using Studio One.


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