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Audio-Technica AT4040 or Blue Bluebird?

Im putting together a home studio and already picked out everything that Im getting. For mics Im gonna start my future collection with a Shure SM58 and Beta 58, but I know eventually Im going to want some condensers as well. So, I was wondering if you had to pick between the AT4040 or Bluebird, which would you pick?

Blue Bluebird vs. RODE NT1


Here's my dilemma...

I run a home based studio and I currently have access to two AT 4040 mic's. They're decent mics that work well for a lot of the stereo pairing that I use them for. However, they aren't mine (they belong to a drummer friend) and could be picked up and gone at anytime. So I'd be left without any large diaphragm mic's if they were gone.


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