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Cello and Piano Mics for small room


I am recording cello and piano in a small-medium size room that is too bright and live acoustically - I can't really treat it except to put a blanket under the piano.

What mic setup would you all recommend? I always used X-Y stereo on 2 small diaphragm cardoid mics and a large diaphram cardoid as spot mic up close (6 inches).

Would that work or the room work against me being too live? How to tame the room - only close mics, or putting the X-Y much closer like 2 ft high and far?

Recording violin, cello and harpsichord


I explain a little about my situation. I am a violinist and I have some experience in recordings (rather being recorded, which has given me some experience especially in editing) but I do not have much experience as far as recording equipment is concerned, now I only have a Zoom H6 and a couple of mics Studio Projects C4 with which I usually record some concerts.

I would like to invest and start recording my group (violin, cello and harpsichord, http://www.scaramuc…) and get the best results as possible.

Improving acoustics for cello

I spent last summer working on a basement studio (installing a new ceiling of layers of think drywall on hat channel, making bass traps, and other treatment.) The space is now a quiet place to practice and record but it is too dead for my liking. As a cellist, I love playing and recording in concert halls :) I realize that it is a very small space (24'x17' w 7' ceilings - the short ceiling probably the worst for room sound?) but I would like to add some 'room sound' back if possible.

Royer R-122 Microphones on Cello featuring Winona Zelenka


Love this Video and R-122. Cello sounds great and the info in here is worth watching.

Engineer/Producer Ron Searles records cellist Winona Zelenka, playing J.S Bach Cello Suites.
Ron used 3 R-122 Royer ribbon microphones in a Decca Tree formation to capture the essence of this 1707 Guarnerius cello. For more info on Royer microphones visit

Line Audio OM1 - Bach cello suites

I've just done a recording of cello suites of J. S. Bach with these little beautiful mics, just two of them going into DAV BG1 and to RME Multiface 1.
I'm incerdibly suprised by the quality, precision and the sweet color they have.
Hope it gives you an idea of their sound. Location was not ideal, live reverb with quite a bit of heavy reflections, but still they managed to create a recording I'm very pleased with.
Greetings, Marcin

Recording guitar, vocals, cello, violin LIVE with 2 mics?


I'm recording a songwriter with 1 large condenser; vocals and acoustic guitar. Also, I'm Micing a cello, and a violin with a RODE ntg-2 shotgun. I'm running both into a Zoom H4N recorder. 

Here's a mock-up of how I intend to set up. Nix the back-up singers. Any ideas or tips?
Much appreciated!

Recording a rock cello quartet

Hopefully this is the right place to put this,
Newbie here. I searched around quite a bit, but I honestly have not found any situations close to mine. I am part of a quartet who does some pretty hard core rock cello, like Apocalyptica and Break of Reality. We are looking to record some songs with the following equipment:
2x AKG 414
2x RODE NT-5
2x AT4040
3x AT4033
4x Shure SM58
2x Shure SM57


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